Invest in a mobile shower stretcher from TR Equipment

​With a shower stretcher you have more options and more possibilities as a caretaker to assist your patient with their hygiene. And that's without putting you at risk for work-related injuries that otherwise can come with heavy lifting and stress. But which shower stretcher should you get? The best suggestion would be to get a bariatric shower trolley from TR Equipment which has a plenty of stretcher space that which leaves plenty of room for body space and helps makes transporting the patient both safer and more comfortable for both parties. 

Since its mobile you'll have less to worry about when it comes to lifting and moving the patient and the proven low cost of ownership from TR Equipment's products ensures that you'll get your money's worth, partly thanks to how long their products can last. Getting one from TR Equipment is ​an economic investment that will help ease the burden on caretakers as well as making patient handling safer.

Multitude of uses

A shower stretcher can be immensely helpful and used various things, not just showering. The ones from TR Equipment can also be used for changing clothes, nursing and treating a person. Thanks to the design, the stretchers from TR Equipment has a low cost of ownership that offers great control and safety.

 They of course have more than just shower stretchers too if you're on the lookout for other products related to patient hygiene, such as mobile patient lifts, bathtubs and shower chairs to help make cleaning patients both easier and dignified.​